I'm Bing. My friends often accuse me of taking more photos of food than I do of them.

(That is a fair assessment.)

For outfits, see what I wore today.
For food adventures, see: fine dining + gourmet.
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@seasquared took me sailing on the lake through her law school connections, and it was the best afternoon I’ve spent in Chicago yet. I’ve done sailing in Boston, but you’re mostly stuck within the (sizable, to be fair) harbor so Lake Michigan gave a way truer horizon line than what you could see of the Atlantic Ocean. The water was magnificent. Will I ever get bored of that skyline? Check back with me in a year. I liked this view, too.

  2. quatremilliards said: WOW you guys are all so good looking!! haha I hope that isn’t creepy. I love the shade of blue in your dress!!
  3. seasquared said: bazooka lens soulmates u____u
  4. sevensneakyfoxes said: So jealousssssssssss.
  5. voyagebound said: This is a Kinfolk spread, lord!
  6. tracybaconnnn said: straight out of a magazine spread… too lovely!!!!
  7. adailymishmash said: These pics are gorg as are you two!
  8. susurrations said: You and your friends are ridiculously attractive and photogenic! I like the candid shot of you.
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