I'm Bing. My friends often accuse me of taking more photos of food than I do of them.

(That is a fair assessment.)

For outfits, see what I wore today.
For food adventures, see: fine dining + gourmet.
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To follow in the esteemed foot steps of @cmao and @adailymishmash — my Chinese glamour shots taken nearly a decade ago, before the era of digital HD and photoshop (so excuse the awful scan quality + daoban make-up). All of my hair is fake. That’s my mother in the last shot.

  1. grisclair said: CRYING AT UR FAB HAIR OMG
  2. tracybaconnnn said: O. M. G. dying.
  3. handclaps said: this is amazing
  4. adailymishmash said: Yessssss!!!!!! <3
  5. cmao said: im so happy i could start this trend ;_; DAMN ALL THIS 2000s CHIC I actually love that schoolgirl pic of u >___< where’s my bing trading card
  6. seasquared said: WHAT IS THAT IN YOUR MOTHER’S HAIR?!
  7. moutheyes said: I’M— I CAN’T
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