I'm Bing. My friends often accuse me of taking more photos of food than I do of them.

(That is a fair assessment.)

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Working with rice flour is such a nightmare!!! It sticks to everything and as soon as I managed to scrape a small piece off, another huge chunk glued itself to my fingers. Felt like I was washing my hands for hours. Red bean mochi is definitely not for beginners. :( I managed to make around 6 mochi cakes after an hour of fighting with the dough but not before wanting to break down in tears, so. At least now I know how tangyuan are made. Not a recipe I plan on revisiting anytime soon…

  1. cmao said: tangyuan I think are pretty easy!! I’m impressed that you tried with the mochi, though :9
  2. herocountry said: tangyuan are a little easier i think. that looks really delicious tho omg *____*
  3. seasquared said: omg i can’t believe you tried to make mochiiii SO DIFFICULT, I could have warned you!
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