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by Ezekiel

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The Goatsnake (poblano corn relish, herbed goatcheese, buttermilk fried onions) + the Witchfinder General (pickled celery, smoked bacon, buffalo fried chicken, blue cheese) @ Kuma’s Too in Lakeview. Both cooked medium rare because what other way is there to eat a burger.

Beef flank pho + strawberry mango smoothie @ Tank in Argyle. Why isn’t there a Vietnamese Noodle Soup for the Tired Young Professional Soul book franchise yet?

Hot Doug’s in Avondale is closing permanently in 4 weeks, so I made my first and final pilgrimage over the weekend with @moutheyes. We got there at 10 AM before the shop opened and didn’t eat until 3 PM. Yes, we waited 5 hours for hot dogs. I don’t want to talk about it.

Fruits of our labor: foie gras duck sausage with truffle aioli, cassoulet dog with herb mustard and duck confit, basque-style pork sausage with cider mustard and Iberico cheese, corndog, and duck-fat fries. Also ordered another foie gras sausage, polish sausage with all the trimmings, and a steak au poivre sausage with whiskey cheese and fried onions to go, because I felt like I needed to buy as many hot dogs as allowed after 5 hours of queuing. (All three still tasted delicious the morning after)

Dinner, cocktails, and sunset @ IO Urban Roofscape, the rooftop bar at the Godfrey Hotel in River North. Grilled calamari, marinated hanger steak in chili oil, smoked salmon flatbread, chicken satay skewers, and the house Cosmo (cherry vodka, grapefruit, Cointreau Noir). We showed up just as the tables were opening up for bottle service so atmosphere was pretty relaxed; the space reminded me a lot of Kensington.


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! My mom is incredible and spent a~ll day Saturday making mooncakes for me. ㅜㅜ White bean, red bean, green pea, black sesame & egg yolk, ground pork, and purple sweet potato. What’s most inspiring to me is that my mom never had much interest in cooking when growing up but after we moved to the U.S. (first Texas, then Indiana), she realized that the only way to eat our familiar foods was if she learned to make them. Immigrant nation, the original dreamer generation. ♥

Sadly won’t be eating mooncakes on this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival because I didn’t go down to Chinatown over the weekend ㅜㅜ but my mom will make me a fresh batch when she comes up to Chicago in 2 weeks so just need to wait until then! 中秋節快乐~

Lychee cocktail, shrimp dumplings, vegetable soy wrappers, pork soup dumplings, chicken potstickers, taro cake, and deep-fried coconut milk with strawberry and chocolate glazes @ Yum Cha in Lakeshore East. Our monthly office girls’ dinner! Drinks, gossip, bonding — super necessary for a healthy work environment (when you work in an office primarily of dudes).

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Double date with @baseln and her beau @ Dusek’s in Pilsen, which is owned by the same people who manage Longman & Eagle in Logan Square. Selected orders: pot of house pickles, half dozen raw oysters, smoked hanger steak, and roasted chicken. BX got the Juicy Lucy because he’s a burger connoisseur; it tasted as amazing as you’d expect melted cheese cooked inside a meat patty to taste.

Blackberry and oat-crusted pancakes with vanilla mascarpone filling, roasted poblano pepper stuffed with chorizo and sweet plantains, and spiced shrimp omelet with mango salsa @ m.henry in Andersonville. Food was kind of disappointing, but they have a spacious backyard patio to maximum Sunday afternoon laziness so win some, lose some. Checked out A’s new condo afterward for her 39th floor view.

Potluck #2 of the long weekend: pork shoulder (cooked and served Momofuku Bo Ssäm style with ginger-scallion sauce and chili-bean paste), my contribution of baby back ribs, vegetable lo mein, deviled eggs 3 ways, and strawberry upside-down cake. The ribs came out amazing but credit goes 80% to my mom because she gave me both the raw meat and dry rub, and all I did was massage the spices over the ribs, wrap it in foil for 4 hours, and then bake at 450 °F for 2 hours. Dry-rubs are so great; no need for hourly basting!


Hong Kong in the 1950s, by Fan Ho.

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Girl gang does Labor Day potluck, which featured tequila-spiked papaya smoothies with boba (courtesy of @moutheyes extraordinaire), fish and beef tacos, generous quantities of avocado/cilantro, and a tres leches cake from Bombon that @pursuit painstakingly brought from Pilsen. The afternoon also included lots of puppy playtime so all essential bases were covered!

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