I'm Bing. My friends often accuse me of taking more photos of food than I do of them.

(That is a fair assessment.)

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Steak and ale pot pie from Pleasant House Bakery with drinks @ beloved Maria’s in Bridgeport last week for their Korean barbecue Mondays (which I sadly missed ㅜㅜ due to working late yet again). Felt like I was revisiting my 2012 trip to Chicago with the savory steak pie and Maria’s with girl gang. I’m behind on answering messages (sorry to the recent anons!!) but any energy I have for social media lately goes to just trying to keep up with Ferguson updates; separating out the relevant news from the (literal) white noise is a task in itself…

Weekend recap:

  • New sofa! BX dutifully came over and assembled it for me :)
  • Korean B! B! Q! @ San Soo Gab San ♥
  • Nothing that I wanted to drink @ Half Acre (all of their beer is hoppy…)
  • Tried to watch the Blue Angels out on the lake but the air show was canceled due to fog. :( Still had a lot of fun sailing since the winds and waves were so vicious today (got soaked through every layer, kind of felt like I was on an hour-long water roller coaster)

Last night’s client mixer @ Studio Paris (followed of course by Underground). Been thinking a lot about this old NYTimes article lately and how to restructure my life so I don’t feel perpetually “busy” and overwhelmed. I suspect the secret is spending less time at the office and/or not staying out until 4AM at company-sponsored events. Drank enough champagne last night to satiate my thirst for the rest of the year (forget Ace or Dom, Perrier-Jouët forever).

Grilled chicken and beef yakitori + tonkotsu ramen with pork, kikurage mushrooms, and a soft-boiled egg @ Ajida in the Loop. Despite the presentation, the food looked way better than it tasted. (◡﹏◡✿)

@baseln tipped me off to the existence of a new jianbing pop-up, and I immediately cleared out my schedule last Friday to check out Nali's table at Nosh. Unfortunately they didn't anticipate the surge of demand after the publicity release (rookie mistake!!!) so they ran out of ingredients within an hour, and I got the very last jianbing order of the day but had to wait over an hour (!!) for it to be ready. In the end.. it wasn’t even very good. :( Mine had braised pork belly (?), guacamole (??), and a soggy youtiao… I asked the cook how long he’s been making jianbing, and he answered 3 weeks… I loved the matcha and black sesame nougats though! They tasted super similar to the ones I had @ Shoraian in Kyoto, and I ate about 20 (it was a long wait for jianbing, ok).

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Weekend recap:

  • Friday: happy hour @ Celeste in River North, then downgraded for cheap drinks and easy dancing @ Slippery Slope in Logan Square
  • Saturday: pork shoulder/belly and fish tacos @ Big Star and N’s good-bye party in Wicker Park
  • Sunday: all-day barbecue!! made a super easy blended watermelon cocktail served inside the rind (cut watermelon in half, carve out 4 cups of watermelon, blend, pour back into hollowed shell with 1 cup vodka, 1 tablespoon sugar, squeeze of lime, and ice)

Had a minor scare this weekend where I thought I’d lost my iPhone on the street but someone turned it into the security desk of a nearby building ㅜㅜ ㅜㅜ So, so, so lucky…

Of course I’ll hurt you. Of course you’ll hurt me. Of course we will hurt each other. But this is the very condition of existence. To become spring, means accepting the risk of winter. To become presence, means accepting the risk of absence.

The Little Prince

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Agedashi tofu, cubby bear roll (seared white tuna, eel, cucumber, crab salad), and the shoyu ramen with pork belly, spinach, and soft-boiled egg @ Wasabi in Logan Square. Not pictured are the chicken meatball and beef short rib skewers, which are arguably my favorite items at Wasabi (yes, even over the ramen!) because grilled meat, duh. Been working late hours recently, and juggling the extra workload with my usual social agenda is making me realize why some people turn to drugs. #nonewfriends

Eggs Duncan (poached eggs over creamed spinach and peas over house biscuits), the Migas (fried tortilla egg scramble), and pork hash (braised pork shoulder, spicy hollandaise over poached eggs, kale, roasted vegetables) @ Bite Cafe in Ukrainian Village. Saw Boyhood afterward with @pursuit; it was good (maybe not 99%-on -rottentomatoes good) though a little too slice-of-life for me. I would’ve been fine waiting for it to come out on DVD…

Goat chili cheese fries, fish tostadas (fried whitefish. shallot aioli, chickpeas onion salad), and deep-fried pig’s tail with pickled radish @ Little Goat in West Loop with @sputnikhearts!! ♥♥♥ Unfortunately spent dinner harried and distracted because a work crisis surfaced 30 minutes before our reservation ㅜㅜ ㅜㅜ but I’m super happy I managed to catch Kara before she continued en route to Colorado!

Whole roast duck @ Sun Wah in Argyle, followed two days later by pork dumplings and crispy whole fish @ Ed’s Potsticker House in Bridgeport. Why does it take an hour to get to Bridgeport! Why is it only accessible by bus! Why is it so difficult to go from the northside to the southside! (Rhetorical questions; we all know the answer, and Chicago might as well be two cities.)


Featured Curator: Roberto Cruz Niemiec [ArchAtlas]

Hong Kong Facades by Miemo Penttinen focuses on the fascinatingly massive & abstract facades of huge, tall apartment buildings in Hong Kong.

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July was bonkers. I need 12 hours of sleep, a clay mask, and clean laundry. And to actually use my kitchen. Before I get into August, some miscellaneous food pictures from the past month:

  • Grilled turkey, apple, brie, and bacon sandwich @ Specialty’s in the Loop
  • Classic eggs benedict @ Nookies in Lakeview
  • Agedashi tofu + pork katsudon @ Itto Sushi in Lincoln Park
  • Hamachi roll + catfish and okra in red curry @ Tiparos in Old Town