I'm Bing. My friends often accuse me of taking more photos of food than I do of them.

(That is a fair assessment.)

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Stacked is an intense series that features the compact urban architecture of Hong Kong. Australia-based photographer Peter Stewart points his camera upwards to capture the abstract shapes that form the city’s densely populated public housing structures.

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Managed to cross off two things off my summer bucket list before Chicago weather starts maiming me again — White Sox vs Oakland A’s at U.S. Cellular Field (they hit a home run so I got to see fireworks!) and the last Cubs home game of the season (vs St Louis Cardinals) at Wrigley Field. Ate a lot of peanuts and polish sausages.

About to board a flight to LA — already have ramen and fried chicken plans lined up for the week, so my stomach is readyyy ✌

Last family meal at a spot outside O’hare before sending off my dad and grandparents to China for a month. Seafood vegetable platter, beef and broccoli, pork won ton soup, seafood egg drop soup, and Hunan beef. I could use like 10x more bowls of that won ton soup right about now ㅜㅜ

I’ll be ok. I just need time to be sad.

10 word story

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The Streets of San Francisco, Matt Galligan

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Sunday potluck! My mom made a batch of liangpi (cold rice flour noodles) for me to bring, which was nice since most people (even mainlanders!) never get a chance to try liangpi unless they go to Xi’an (or Xi’an Famous Foods for lucky New Yorkers). Theme of the night was dumplings, of which there were four varieties: shrimp & bok choy, beef & leek, pork & cabbage, and vermicelli noodle & tofu. And cornbread! For… cultural diversity…?

My mom stayed with me in Chicago this weekend! I won’t see her until November so tried to fit in as much bonding time as possible. :(

  • Food court at the new fashion outlet mall in Rosemont
  • Mitsuwa trip!!! Couldn’t leave without some daifuku
  • Raspberry, durian, and boysenberry macarons @ Ba le (will skip the durian flavor next time…)
  • Pork pate and ham banh mi in Argyle
  • Stocked up on egg and cheese buns from the bakery

Not everyone you lose is a loss.

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Chicago Fog / Michael Salisbury

Kimbap, yukgaejang (beef stew), pork / kimchi / red bean buns, and dduk mandu soup @ Joongboo Market in Belmont. Simple but super satisfying Korean food! Unfortunately since then I’ve fallen to a cold virus that’s currently wrecking my throat and sinuses. ㅜㅜ Came at possibly the worst time, because BX leaves tomorrow for a 2 week vacation in the Baltic, and he gets back the day after I fly out to LA for work… so we won’t see each other until October. :(


by Ezekiel

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The Goatsnake (poblano corn relish, herbed goatcheese, buttermilk fried onions) + the Witchfinder General (pickled celery, smoked bacon, buffalo fried chicken, blue cheese) @ Kuma’s Too in Lakeview. Both cooked medium rare because what other way is there to eat a burger.

Beef flank pho + strawberry mango smoothie @ Tank in Argyle. Why isn’t there a Vietnamese Noodle Soup for the Tired Young Professional Soul book franchise yet?